Our objective

Online Textile Solutions A/S was founded 1st of October 2021 as a subsidiary of Thygesen Textile Group.

At first the company focus was solely on selling textile products and brands to onliners and marketplaces but the point of business was later changed to a wider focus working with both strong online and offline partners where we help our partners gain a higher margin.

Today, we are working with some of the largest Scandinavian- and European department stores, onliners and marketplaces where we sell own and external brands. As examples can be mentioned Magasin, Åhlens, Stockmann, Boozt, Zalando, Stylepit, Avocadostore, Amazon etc.

We work with a broad selection of product categories and today sells sportswear, men- and womenswear, underwear, socks, and nightwear.

Our own brands: zebdia, NORVIG, URBAN QUEST, and CCDK are all formed with a clear identity and purpose which the target group can identify themselves with.


Part of the Thygesen Textile Group

The company was founded in 1991 by the merger of three local family-owned businesses. But the story of Thygesen Textile Group and the Thygesen family is rooted much further back in time.

In 1931, the Thygesen family changed its professional focus from agriculture to manufacturing underwear for women and children. The company enjoyed steady growth over the years and became a leading textile manufacturer, delivering goods to the global market under the name Thygesen Textile Solution.

Today, the company has changed its name to Thygesen Textile Group, which consists of 9 subsidiaries including a Vietnamese manufacturing company, and a share in the global German company Müller Textil GmbH, whose main product is used in the automotive industry.

We design, manufacture, and sell textile products through the companies EASE.DK, The Headwear Company, SUSTINANDFRIENDS, INNFLOW, GOYOGI and Online Textile Solutions, and we employ more than 1,400 people in Denmark, Vietnam, Germany, Slovakia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, China, Korea and Japan.

In 1931, the family began manufacturing women’s underwear on the farm pictured above. Things have now come full circle, and the farm is once again the headquarters of the company and several of its subsidiaries.