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We sell brands that have a DNA and a story to be told. Our brands make a difference for the target audience because they’re more than just products, they’re a lifestyle and a mindset that the consumer buys into – and can identify with. Because the stories are personal, emotional and entertaining.

Simple is good. Which means that when options are limited, everyday life becomes easier.  But that doesn’t mean they are boring. NORVIG is minimalist, classic and timeless basic clothing that you can just pull on and go. Whatever the occasion.

Zebdia is all about everyday life, family life and the home. That’s why we want: For you to wear our products when you feel like going for a run or popping out to the gym. But it has to be when you feel like it – and when the time is right. Because there are other things that come first.

The feeling of freedom. With URBAN QUEST, we want you to dress in casual, comfortable and loose clothing. We want: For you to dress however you want. Whenever you want. And wherever you want. Including outdoors.

Feminine meets edgy in the same look. SIRUP Copenhagen appeals to the revolutionary girl who prefers a look that is both cool and romantic. These clothes are ideal for a bike ride into the city, a walk with a friend or a more relaxed activity, perhaps lying on the grass in a park and enjoying the beautiful blue skies above.

Why should you have to wear a slightly oversized T-shirt when you go to bed? Or for a cosy evening on the sofa? You don’t. With CCDK, you can wear feminine and elegant nightwear and loungewear on cosy evenings in.

Through Christine Headwear, VIVA Headwear, Boho Spirit Headwear, Petit Peanut and Male Headwear, we specialise in quality headwear for men, women and children – both when it comes to hair loss and fashion.

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