About the brand

The feeling of freedom. With URBAN QUEST, we want you to dress in casual, comfortable and loose clothing. We want: For you to dress however you want. Whenever you want. And wherever you want. Including outdoors.

We want to push the limits of the current dress code, which is dictated by our jobs, social media and influencers. We want to make it fashionable to put on clothes that let you move freely in your leisure time.

After all, you shouldn’t only feel comfy in the clothes you wear at home. Clothes should feel comfy wherever you are.

Our product range is not revolutionary. But our approach to quality, comfort and fit sets us apart. With URBAN QUEST, the consumer is liberated from tight-fitting clothes, raw materials, annoying seams. That’s why comfort is a key word for us.

Our products are sustainable, soft and durable and are primarily made from bamboo. URBAN QUEST products are combined with organic cotton to elevate the quality and make the fabric durable, so the clothes can be worn again and again.

See our underwear, casual wear or socks – and experience the feeling on your own body.

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