About the brand

Zebdia is all about everyday life, family life and the home. That’s why we want: For you to wear our products when you feel like going for a run or popping out to the gym. But it has to be when you feel like it – and when the time is right. Because there are other things that come first.

You care about being active. You work out every week. But sometimes you find that time gets away from you, you have to work late, your family needs you, and you just don’t have the energy. And when that happens, it’s okay to postpone or cancel your workout. It’s okay that working out doesn’t take top priority.

But when you do find the time, you need the proper gear. That’s why zebdia is intended for those who train as a hobby, and who are looking for quality training clothes that are affordable. Remember, you don’t become a better athlete by going around in expensive sportswear.

We want good quality and products that are comfortable to wear and serve their purpose in the right way.

Zebdia are quality workout clothes for men and women at a fair price and in a range of appealing basic colours and categories that are always there when you need them.

Our products are made from moisture-wicking materials. So you’ll notice that sweat is pulled away from your body when you get your heart rate up and sweat starts trickling down your forehead.

See our wide selection of T-shirts, tights, socks, shorts, sports tops or visit one of our amazing retailers.

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